Pentafluid, born in 1995, but with already three years of experience in the field, is able to find suitable and efficient planning solutions with the aim to guarantee a tecnical production of the maximum precision.

Both standard and special production are included in a range of bore from 25 to 600 mm with a maximum stroke of 5500 mm.

The Pentafluid products are a guarantee of quality and endurance.
To satisfy these features raw materials and high quality components are used, every production is carefully checked, every cylinder is tested at a pressure of one and a half more than the project pressure.

The flexibility of the company allows both the mass-production and the prototype production on specific request.
The work process scheduling is managed by Cad-Cam systems. The computer simulation permits to verify all the production phases, thus nearly reducing errors to zero.
The production is carried out by modern machines. In particular, by numerical control machines, with 3-4 axes. For special productions manual machines are used where the cleverness and the experience of the operators allows to obtain extremely high quality results.

The welding phase goes through an automatic process. On request the cylinders can be painted in the variuos RAL colours. The assembly is done with high attention and care, checking every single component. The testing is performed on 100% of the production with tests at a pressure of one and a half more than the project pressure.

For specific applications the rods can be covered with standard or double crossed chromium-plating, with nickel-chrome or ceramic coating.

Pentafluid distributes both on national and international territory and counts very important worldwide companies among its clients.